How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally Without Surgery

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get bigger boobsThe main reason people go on diets and exercise is to achieve better physical appearance, and there is definitely nothing wrong that.

But one of the most common desires for women is to increase their breast size. If you’re one of those, then you might be surprised to learn there are ways to get bigger boobs naturally, no need to go for a surgery.

It’s true, you don’t need to go under the knife and spend thousands, it may even cause further complications later on in your life. There are so many different natural methods that can help boost your cup size up, by one or two cup sizes.

Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

If you want to learn how to get bigger breasts, then keep reading. The methods I’ll go over are not the “wear a push up bra”, or even “contour your breasts with make up” nonsense. These are tried and true. Of course, that’s not to say they will work for everyone. It’s important to keep in mind that results might be limited, and patience is key.

1. Foods to eat

If you eat the right foods over time, then you might be able to grow bigger boobs. What we are looking for in foods is estrogen and phytoestrogen. Not only will the following foods help stimulate breast growth, phytoestrogen rich foods help prevent the development of stretch marks you may experience.

foods with estrogenFoods rich in estrogen

  • Fruits: apples, cherries, plums
  • Vegetables: carrots, cucumber, parsley, beets, garlic, clover
  • Nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, fennel, cumin
  • Cereal grains: barley, rice, wheat
  • Chickpeas, soy, white chicken

Foods rich in phytoestrogenfood with phytoestrogen

  • Fruits: strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, prunes, winter squash
  • Vegetables: bean sprouts, collards, green beans
  • Nuts: pistachios, walnuts
  • Beverages: red wine, white wine, green tea, black tea

There is a good chance that you already incorporate many of these in your current diet. If you find that you need to make some big diet changes, then don’t try to overwhelm yourself. Start by incorporating 2-3 new foods per week. Before you know it, you’ll be eating practically everything I’ve listed.

2. Exercises to do

You’ve probably heard of making your butt bigger with exercises. But did you know that the same is possible for your breasts? Sure, breasts are made mostly from fat, but there are muscles that determine how the breasts sit on your body. In fact, by exercising, you aren’t exactly growing your breasts. Instead you are improving the orientation, firmness, and size of your breasts. By exercising the right muscles regularly, and consistently, you’ll be able to reap the benefits within a matter of weeks.

It’s not necessary for you to go to the gym in order to get these exercises done. It would be best to get a set of dumbbells if you decide to exercise from home. For the best results from your workouts, make sure to take in at least 30 grams each of protein and carbs as soon as possible after exercising.

Exercises to promote breast growth

  • Push ups: One of the most basic of exercises, the push up is effective at working out muscles that can help give you the appearance of bigger breasts. If you find the traditional push up a little tough, then a modified push up with your knees on the ground would also do.
  • Elevated push ups: A modification of the push up, elevated push ups simply require your feet to be raised. You can raise your feet up with a exercise ball, or even the edge of your couch. The higher the elevation, the bigger the challenge.
  • Chest press: Use a light pair of dumbbells for this exercise. First you need to lie down on your back, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Lift one arm towards the ceiling, then bring it back down. Alternate your arms so you can effectively work out each side of your chest.
  • Chair dips: Chair dips will not only help out your chest muscles, but they’ll work out your triceps as well. All you need is the edge of a chair or bench. Simply face the opposite direction of the chair or bench, put your hands on the edge, and bend your elbows to lower yourself down. Before you are able to touch the ground, push yourself up.
  • Rear lateral raise: This exercise requires you to use two lightweight dumbbells. To get into position for a rear lateral raise, your first need to bend at the hip while keeping your back flat. Lower your upper body until it is almost horizontal, and bend at the knees a little bit. Hold the dumbbells in your hands with the palms facing forwards. Raise your arms to the sides while keeping them straight until they are level with your shoulders. Lower them slowly and repeat as many times as you would like.
  • Arm circles: Being a low intensity work out, arm circles are easy to do. Get a set of lightweight dumbbells and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees at a 45 to 60 degree angle. Hold the arms straight ahead, with the elbows slightly bent, while holding onto your dumbbells. Make small circles with your arms anywhere from 10 to 20 reps in a set.

3. Breast massages

breast massageBreast massages will do more than help promote healthy cell growth. The benefits of breast massages include the reduction of breast cancer risk, it helps the body clear out toxins, reduce symptoms of PMS, and it even helps regulate your hormones. With that being said, it’s important to know that there are specific massage techniques that can be used to help grow your breasts. It’s best to do the breast enlarging massage after a shower with a massage oil or cream.

How to perform the breast enlargement massage technique

  1. First and foremost, you need to apply some oil or gel to reduce any discomfort that may occur from friction.
  2. Massages should be done for at least 5 minutes, and ideally 10-15 minutes.
  3. Perform massages two or more times per day for more effectiveness.
  4. Don’t apply too much pressure during the massage. Use your palms and figetips to better stimulate tissue growth and flush toxins.
  5. Motions should always move inwards. Massaging inwards from the underarm is also good for circulation.
  6. Avoid massaging the nipples.
  7. Performing the massage right before going to sleep at night will help breasts grow faster. This is because hormones are extremely active during this time of day.
  8. Avoid wearing a bra as much as possible. If you feel the need to wear one, then it’s best to remove the wiring as it can prevent proper circulation to your breasts.


Those are just a few guidelines to keep in mind while performing the massage technique. There are several different massages you can do. They include the Reiki massage, Fat brushing massage, Feng shui breast massage, Lymph draining Massage, Chi massage, and many more.

4. Herbs that stimulate breast growth

Herbs are notoriously known for doing magical things for the human body. There is a reason why homeopathic medicine is the main medicinal practice in several countries. Herbs can help stimulate the production of natural estrogen in your body, ultimately helping improve the size of your breasts. Incorporate some of the following herbs into your daily routine to promote herbs for breast growthbreast growth.

  • Fenugreek
  • Saw palmetto
  • Wild yam
  • Back cohosh
  • Pueraria mirifica
  • Hops
  • Goat’s rue
  • Licorice
  • Dong quai root

5. Breast enhancement pills and creams

A simple way to grow breasts without surgery is to use breast creams. Some of them will incorporate ingredients that I’ve already mentioned, since they are known to promote breast tissue growth.

You could consider using a product such as Naturaful, a herb-based bust enhancement solution that contains all natural ingredients such as dandelion root, damiana, blessed thistle, oat brand, wild Mexican yam and others.

See my review of the best breast enhancement creams here

Try them out for yourself

Now that you know all the best methods how to grow your boobs, try one of them out. These are all effective, but when combined the results will come much faster. Just remember, don’t overwhelm yourself and be realistic with your goals, it is going to take time, so be patient.

57 Responses

  1. Jenny

    My breasts used to be small and I felt really bad because of it. My ex-boyfriend was always laughing about their size and my confidence was low because of it. I was considering a breast surgery – but it is too dangerous and incredibly expensive 🙁

    Luckily, my friend suggested me to try the Breast Actives natural enhancing cream and pill combination.

    You simply massage your breasts with this cream every day for few minutes and take 1 pill before first meal and your boobs will become larger and firmer in just about a month…And I can tell you, it simply works!!!

  2. Jeanette

    I am feeling the same way right now because I do t like the size. So does it really work? And how long did it take for you to notice?

  3. Becca

    It all comes with time. I’m 15 and I know how it’s like to feel like they’re not growing. I have assym breasts and the smaller one doesn’t seem to be growing but I know it all comes with time. What I do is basic massages but don’t worry or get down ab it some ppl are late bloomers and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. For now just be the best you and embrace your body and be happy and confident because it’s your body and nobody elses<3

  4. Heather Tara Moutray

    I’m 18 I’m like around a b or c cup but I feel so embarrassed because I have small boobs.. I still do and it’s like why can’t gurls be happy with what they have.. I say is girls should be loving our boobs… or booties.. I thought drinking milk will grow it..

  5. Tammy W.

    After breastfeeding my baby for a whole year I was left pretty boobless. Has anyone had luck with boobpop? I hate how mine are looking right now

  6. Julianna P.

    I am 14 but very tall and mature for my age. I hit puberty when I was around 11 and have lost weight since then and my breast size has decreased. Will they continue to grow? I am an A cup right now.

  7. Natasha

    I have the same prob…let me know if anything helps

  8. Mia

    I’m 22 and I’m about a or b cup and I want them to grow what would you suggest to help them

  9. Tatum

    I’m 12 years old and I started developing around 8 or 9 years old. I’m only a B cup, I’ve been doing the massages, eating the right foods, and doing push ups for about a week or so. How long will this take for me at least to get to a C? I hate being called flat at school.

  10. Random Girl

    By chance… Do you live in New Mexico??

  11. Liv

    Girl, you’re 12, this isn’t something you really have to worry about for a couple of years.

  12. Liv

    I’m 15, nearly 16 now, and I’m a B-cup. Which isn’t that bad but I look really flat and I wish my breast were fuller. I have one fairly fuller/larger boob and the other is much smaller and I’m really insecure about that. I hope this stuff actually works because if not, I’m always going to be flat and I don’t want that.

  13. katelyn crowley

    im 14 going to be a freshman… and my boob doesnt even fit into a 30A cup…. how do i get them to grow!! someone pleasee help!!

  14. Kat

    Omg your 12 though, when I was 12 I was barely an A, I was always called flat. Enjoy having bigger boobs than most people reading this.

  15. Tabitha

    Your boyfriend was a jerk and I’m very happy for you. Let’s hope it works f or me.

  16. Tabitha

    I’m 15 and I think of stoped growing all together and I am really small in the chest and I can’t get a cream or pill and I was wondering what I should do I a! EXTREMELY self confident about my chest.

  17. Tabitha

    I’m 15 and I’m already freshmen I can’t use creams because that requires me asking my foster parents and that’s akwared and I can’t take the pills either. I’m really small and I’m insecure so I were padded and push up bras. And I’m pretty sure I stoped growing all together. And I want to get bigger and fuller and I want to know what I can do other than the surgury,pill or cream. Please help me. Anything?????😣😢

  18. Violet

    im 21 and i have a great body ,im in great shape but I must say I literally dont have boobs .Arent I already too old to hope for boob growth at some point?

  19. Girlwhowantsbigboobs

    try wearing a bra with a pad it works for me👍

  20. Girlwhowantsbigboobs

    OK so i’m 10 years old my boobs are small and been the same size for two years any advice???????

  21. Anomanous

    Hi I’m 14 and I’ve been trying this for a month now and it’s not working I cant do the exercises because I broke my ankle any advice?😑

  22. Yuuurrrrrd

    You’re ten don’t worry about it if they don’t grow in the next three years then ask your doctor about it

  23. Isaic

    I’m 16 and my boobs are supposed to be a D/DD but they don’t look it. So they fit into that bra size but look the same as when I was a B 🙁 they also look non-existant with my belly. I’m not fat fat but when I sit down I got horrible rolls that stick out 😖 how do I get them to look the size they’re supposed to be?!

  24. Michelle

    M 17 n aff got a flatchest m almost a B cup i guess…..
    I envy gals wit big boobs
    Gosh any advice i wnt dem 2 gt bigger plssssss

  25. Jennifer

    So I have one breast that’s an AA cup and one that doesn’t even fit in the AA cup. I’m 15 and I know it’s young but I’m also super skinny and no matter what I do, I can’t gain weight. I was wondering if the pills or creams worked and if it’s safe/healthy to take the pills. I don’t want to harm my health in any way. Plz reply with help. All you girls with a B cup, trust me. Those are not small boobs.

  26. Britany

    Hi Im 13 I’ve been trying to get bigger boobs I think I’m around an a or b I’ve tried making my boobs grow for a year can antone please tell what i must do or what exact age they will grow?

  27. Dakota Jones

    Okay girls. Your boobs don’t stop growing until you’re 22-23 years old. So be patient and don’t try to enhance them yet because you could stunt the growth with products possibly!
    If you want to try to do it completely naturally, do push ups and massage them with oil or lotion.

    Also, “girlwhowantsbigboobs” you are clearly an elderly man according to your picture.

  28. Teardrops

    I’m thirteen and I’m a 32 d cup
    Idk if it’s because I’m 32 but my boobs do not look like a d they look more like a c and I woke up this morning and I swear they’ve shrunk which is really worrying.

  29. karlee

    right! i keep seeing that dude ands it’s creepy

  30. Taylor

    Why are all these young girls commenting?! Take this time to enjoy your youth, be a kid! Trust me, when you grow up you wish you would’ve listened to your parents!!

    I’m 27, and I just finished breastfeeding for about a year and my boobs have virtually disappeared, anyone have any luck?

  31. elisa

    i’m 15 and i’ve tried everything for my boobs besides the creams they have been around this size for 3 years now and i feel like there shrinking everyday, and i’m a A 32a any help to make them grow?

  32. Savannah

    Im 21 and i use to be in a 34D when i was breastfeeding my child but now they dont even fit in a 34 D bra or B idk what to do i message my bood and they just get sore i dont see any changing im even on the birthcontral shot and nothing is working i barely have money to buy the right food i need and the estrogen cream i found online and pills worry me cause im scared if i start the pill get the size i want them then stop the pill they will just shrink on me what should i do

  33. Katy

    10 year olds don’t have boobs you haven’t hit puberty yet

  34. Random Girl

    i’m 12 too but we actually do have to worry about this. i hate being called flat at school and none of the boys like me because of my small boobs. can someone please give me tips on how get bigger boobs?

  35. HelpLol

    UGH, Im about a 34C and im 14 and a half, Ive got some of the smallest boobs in my school and its kind of embarrassing and i do have some fat rolls when i sit down making them seem even smaller, IDK what to do.

  36. Anonymous

    It will take time for your chest to grow and don’t worry about your chest now you have time

  37. Lilly

    Pestle say I’m lucky because I’m ten and I have huge boobs
    But really it’s hard. They jiggle Whalen you run or move and they sweat a ton finding bra that fit isn’t easy either enjoy no boobs while you can

  38. Maisie

    I’m 14 and my boobs at smallish. What types of boob massages should I do? I wear all types of bras! I’m tryna be the most attractive here! Of course in my school ya know.

  39. Jehniyla Courson

    Bruh shut up and ask your doctor since you appearantly want to not be answered if these are ” young girls”

  40. Gwendalyn

    For your information, there are 7 year olds that get boobs, and start their period that’s puberty, right?!? Plus the average age is 8- 12. Plus the reason why young girls ate commenting is because you can make up fae names and fake emails just to comment. Something rung girls can do for fun. This ia safe site anyway.

  41. Mell

    Good lord. I am still a 32AA at 27 after 2 kids and my husband goes crazy when I get naked. I was always small in school but had a pretty face and nice butt (whi h can be done with exercise) and a good personality and I never had a problem snagging a man, some of the best looking ones around too.

  42. Mell

    You still have a lot of Human Growth Hormones and Insulin-Like Growth factor rolling around in your body. If you stimulate your breasts with massage twice a day, you will encourage estrogen receptors to take in the estrogen you have. If you have low estrogen, try tmeating foods high in phytoestrogens AND massaging and those HGH and IGF-1 hormones I talked about will do the rest. You HAVE to massage them. Find a good massage technique and stimulate! It will encourage fluid retention for a while, but even through this you must massage, cause u til fat tissues are being persuaded to accumulate there, you won’t Keep the growth. Massage with flax oil and coconut oil.

  43. Mell

    You still have a lot of Human Growth Hormones and Insulin-Like Growth factor rolling around in your body. If you stimulate your breasts with massage twice a day, you will encourage estrogen receptors to take in the estrogen you have. If you have low estrogen, try tmeating foods high in phytoestrogens AND massaging and those HGH and IGF-1 hormones I talked about will do the rest. You HAVE to massage them. Find a good massage technique and stimulate! It will encourage fluid retention for a while, but even through this you must massage, cause until fat tissues are being persuaded to accumulate there, you won’t Keep the growth. Massage with flax oil and coconut oil. Those oils are both healthy. If you ask for stuff to make smoothies you could use flaxseed (ground! So your body can digest it and use it) and full fat soy flour for their health benefits and that should help you grow with massage.

  44. Mell

    You have a lot of HGH and IGF-1 still. Use that. Start supporting your endocrine system with hormone regulating herbs such as chastberry. Could help hormonal imbalances. If not chastberry, try maca root powder. Take for 3 weeks, off on week of period.

  45. Abby

    I’m 16 and I’m a C34 and sometimes I just don’t think there getting bigger so what should I do??

  46. Gabby

    Tatum- give it about 2 full moths and there should be some improvement. Also,if you like smoothies search smoothies for bigger boobs on google- some are effective. Also, if you are doing a lot of some thing like eating leafy greens and drinking milk (basically doing everything) except one thing, do that thing. That one thing your missing could be the answer- ex. my cousin never ate any seafood, and then she started working and eating at a seasfood restaurant and I swear all of us cousins saw her bobs get larger.

  47. Harley

    Im 29 and I’ve had 4 kids and I lost my boob’s I got teased alot by an ex telling me they were to small and so on and so on. I miss my d cup honestly. The back problems don’t bug me cuz I still have back problems I want to do something that ain’t to expensive and natural I don’t want to do any medical procedures. What do you suggest.

  48. plshelpppp

    im 12, 13 next month. ik i shouldnt be worrying abt this stuff but i am.

    idk what bra size i am, arnd an A cup. i have 11 yr old friends who are a C or D cup, and multiple 13 yr old friends who are def a D or more. i rlly want at least a B or maybe even a C. i got my period when i was 11 and i started developing when i was 8 or 9. my mom has rlly small breasts and im worried i will as well.

    i have a pretty face and great personality besides that so i try to convince myself that issoki the way i am, but its so hard when u have friends who are freaking gorgeous and ur just NOT. please please PLEASE help