All Natural DIY Eyeshadow Recipe

eye makeupAre you fed up of wasting a lot of money every year on health and beauty products?

Then it’s about time you try some natural, homemade ones and DIY eyeshadow makeup is a good place to start.

There are more than enough reasons to make the shift from chemical-based cosmetic products full of toxins to something that not only offers a purer, more natural level of beauty, but can actually also help improve your overall skin health instead of harming your skin.

After all you wouldn’t want anything to mess with your eyes, and conventional eyeshadow products can bring more trouble to your eyes than you can imagine.[Source]

On the other hand, a homemade eyeshadow would be absolutely safe, besides being surprisingly inexpensive and offering plenty of style options.

So here’s how to make eyeshadow at home that you can be proud of.

DIY Eyeshadow Tips

Before I get to the actual recipe for making a great homemade eyeshadow, let’s go over a few tips first. This will help you follow the recipe properly to make an eye shadow that’s perfectly customized for your eyes.

Going for a neutral base

You would want to use a neutral base like corn starch as your base ingredient. It’s a great natural alternative to the chemical-based ingredients commercial makeup products come with, and it wouldn’t lead to issues such as skin irritation or skin reddening, which are far from uncommon.

However, those that find corn starch to be a bit on the thicker side can use a blender to make it finer and powdery or use arrowroot powder that is already a bit finer.

Ingredients for adding colors

diy homemade eyeshadow

The second step of making your own eyeshadow would be adding ingredients to the base ingredient that are capable of giving the mixture a color, just like how the artificial pigments and (harmful) dyes in commercial products do.

If you think your options will be limited due to using natural ingredients, think again! You can probably have as many color options as you can think of.

For example, you can go for cacao powder if you’re after a bold, brown color. Similarly, adding turmeric to the recipe would give your eyelids the kind of golden color that might as well give conventional golden eyeshadows a run for their money.

Just play around a bit with the coloring ingredients and you will discover some pretty cool options that your eyelids will thank you for.

Applying it the right way

If you’re not careful with the way you apply it, you may not get the results you were hoping for.

Just make sure your face is clean before applying the newly made makeup so that it spreads evenly over your eyelids and doesn’t form a clump. Similarly, you can apply a good, natural moisturizer to keep your eyelid area moisturized and prevent it from going dry.

How to Make Your Own Eyeshadow

Now that you’re aware of the process, let’s walk you through the natural DIY eye shadow recipe.

The Recipe

Main ingredients:

Coloring ingredients:


  1. Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of corn starch or arrowroot powder into a bowl as the base ingredient. You can have more of it to give the eyeshadow a lighter color, but you should start with less as you can add more later if you need.
  2. Add your chosen coloring ingredients. For example, you can use both red clay and turmeric for a kind of reddish golden color. You can get creative with it as you don’t have much to lose anyway given how inexpensive the recipe is. Then add a bit of mica dust to the mixture if you’d like some extra glow and sparkle.
  3. Add about 1/4 tsp. of shea butter and pestle the ingredients together to blend them well. The shea butter may eliminate the need to use a moisturizer, unless your skin tends to go too dry, as it’s a moisturizing agent itself. It’s also useful for your skin’s health, helping repair damaged skin cells as well as leading to an increase in your collagen levels.
  4. You can make it in a darker color by simply adding more of the coloring ingredients, and a lighter color by adding more of the base ingredient – cornstarch or preferably arrowroot powder, which is a bit lighter and could be less irritating).
  5. Store the eyeshadow in a clean container to prevent it from losing its appeal or causing any kind of skin issues.
 TIP: Your Own Eyeshadow + longer eyelashes = you have a winner 🙂 
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