How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

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There are several things that impact your life after pregnancy. Aside from adapting to a more hectic schedule with the baby, you will also discover that your body is not as how it used to be before mommyhood. For instance, losing the extra body fat may take some time, and you may notice some marks on your buttocks, stomach and breasts. In fact, all women get these stretch marks as their bellies suddenly become smaller and the skin gets looser after giving birth. The marks get more noticeable after the first pregnancy, and getting rid of these may be tougher than you think.

stretchmarksWhat Causes Stretch Marks

Generally, these marks appear once you gain weight so quickly that the skin is stretched tightly. As a result, the elastic fibers that are found under your skin’s surface break. Hence, stretch marks are formed. This is particularly true among women during their pregnancy as they gain at least 30 pounds or so throughout the 9 months. The same holds true among people who suddenly put on several pounds and begin to lose weight rapidly.

When you grow fast, marks are most likely to appear, specifically on areas where these lines are common such as the buttocks and stomach. There are also some people who get nasty marks on their upper arms, thighs and breasts. As long as these areas were once stretched due to significant weight gain, there is a strong likelihood that marks will appear the moment you shed excess pounds.

Initially these appear as purplish or reddish in color. However, they will progress to gray or silver once they have faded over time. By then, the lines will be evident and difficult to remove unless the right techniques are applied. With this in mind, it is important that while the marks are still in their initial stage, you should consider using the right products to diminish these lines until they are barely noticeable.

People Prone to Stretch Marks

Based on a study by the American Academy of Dermatology, several people are most likely to have stretch marks at certain points in their life. These include the following:

  • At least 90 percent of women who are in their third trimester or sixth to seventh month of their pregnancy
  • Having a mother who had stretch marks as genetics is another factor that affects the appearance of these lines on your skin
  • Obese people who lose a significant amount of weight quickly

It is also worth noting that regardless of your skin tone or complexion, you are not exempt from getting these unsightly lines. For people with darker skin, the marks appear to be silvery or lighter than their natural color once these begin to fade. As for those who have fairer or lighter skin, the marks will have a pinkish color. So, no matter what your complexion, these marks will always impact your look unless you do something about them.


The truth is, stretch marks can never be completely removed. It is something you will have to deal with once you give birth or lose weight after living your life being overweight or obese. However, you can minimize the nasty appearance of these lines by keeping your skin properly hydrated. Use stretch mark cream or moisturizing lotion to maintain hydration in your skin. Special creams can also give your skin that smooth and supple quality while reducing the itchy feeling on your stomach during the third trimester of your pregnancy

Staying well-hydrated is indeed an excellent way to reduce the possibility of getting unsightly marks on your skin. Skin creams can also improve the quality of your skin by making it appear more toned, less itchy and more flexible. Drinking plenty of water for proper hydration is another possible means of making these lines on your stomach appear not as pronounced as when you have dry skin.

When Marks Begin to Fade

Most marks fade over time, and from purple, these lines become silvery and white. However, there are some people who complain about having darker and more visible marks instead of seeing these fade and become less unappealing. This is why it is important to treat these marks on the skin while they are still in the first stage. Basically, this is the time when the marks are reddish in appearance, so do not wait for the lines to turn silvery before you do something about them.

There are various options when it comes to products helpful in treating these marks such as a combination of hyaluronic acid combined with some onion extract. A gel can be made using these two ingredients, and it must be applied directly on the lines. After at least 12 weeks of using the product regularly, the marks are expected to fade quickly.

There are also other options of stretch mark removal, but these are not purely natural techniques. For instance, the use of retinoid creams can be rather effective in minimizing these marks, based on dermatologists. The secret to having successful results with it is by applying it on the affected area. This product ensures quick cell turnover, which is necessary in promoting the growth of new collagen while making the skin healthier and more attractive.

Applying lasers, which generate heat to the skin, is also recommended by most people who have found an effective means of removing stretch marks. Laser results in quicker collagen growth while keeping dilated blood vessels much smaller. Keep in mind, though, that laser treatment is given in several sessions to achieve positive results. Hence, it can be expensive and not too practical among people who want a cheaper, yet effective way to get rid of stretch marks fast and naturally.

Natural Remedies for Removing Stretch Marks

Every woman develops marks in some body parts, and this is considered as perfectly normal and natural due to weight loss after giving birth or after living for years with extra pounds. While it is a natural occurrence, no woman would want to deal with these unattractive lines. Thus, you may want to try your luck using various tactics such as surgery, retinoid cream and some other trusted ways to remove these marks.

1. Sugar

Considered as a home remedy, sugar is known for its exfoliating effects. Its coarse texture can help get rid of dead skin and minimize the unsightly appearance of these lines on your thighs, stomach, and arms.

To use this natural exfoliant, take a heaping tablespoon of sugar and place it in a small bowl. Then, add in a few drops of lemon juice with some almond oil. Combine the juice with sugar and stir thoroughly. When your homemade exfoliant is ready, just rub it for a few minutes on the affected area of your skin. Afterwards, rinse the mixture off with warm water and pat dry. Make it a habit to scrub your skin with sugar and lemon juice mixture for a month until you discover positive results on your skin.

2. Aloe Vera

Known for years as a natural remedy for skin issues, aloe vera is also effective when it comes to minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. With its cooling and healing components, you can achieve positive results from using this herbal remedy regularly. Just get few small aloe vera leafs, and use this to rub on your skin for a few minutes. Next, rinse the area off with lukewarm water.

Another option in using aloe vera is by taking the gel form of this plant. Then, get 5 capsules of vitamin A and vitamin E, and extract their oil. Combine these vitamin-enriched oil with your aloe vera and rub on the affected area well. Wait for the mixture to be absorbed completely by your skin, and leave on for about 10 minutes. You should also apply this daily for favorable results.

3. Potato Juice

Loaded with minerals and vitamins, potatoes enhance the growth and repair of skin cells. Because of these effects, it is not surprising that the juice of this vegetable has been used for eliminating stretch marks. Simply cut a potato into thick slices and just rub these on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the juice dries on your skin, let it stay for a few more minutes before rinsing off.

4. Olive Oil

For centuries, olive oil has been trusted by people as an excellent skin moisturizer because of its hydrating and cooling effect. It is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants that heal a variety of skin disorders. For stretch marks, you can use this oil by heating it slightly before applying on your skin. The warm oil promotes good circulation of the blood, which will soon help reduce the appearance of the marks. There is no need to rinse the oil off since it is a great moisturizer that can keep your skin smooth and supple.

5. Castor Oil

Another outstanding remedy for skin issues including fine lines, pimples, dark spots and moles, castor oil is also worth a try when you want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. All you should do is to apply the oil and massage gently in a circular motion. Once you have finished massaging the different areas, be sure to use a clean cloth to wrap the affected skin. Then, with the use of a heating pad, apply heat on the spot for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to use these two techniques daily for excellent results on your skin.

6. Alfalfa

The leaves of alfalfa are noted for their rich supply of amino acids, which support healthy skin. It is also a good source of protein, vitamin E and K, and these work by ensuring body tone naturally. You can also detoxify your skin using alfalfa leaves because of their anti-fungal properties. To treat marks on the skin, get a small amount of alfalfa powder combined with some chamomile oil. Mix well until a thick paste is formed. Use the paste as a massaging cream on the skin and apply at least three times a day.

7. Lemon Juice

If you are bothered by nasty marks on your skin, then lemon juice can be quite effective in addressing this problem naturally. It contains acid that is trusted for reducing scars, acne, and even stretch marks. So, to prepare this natural remedy, simply juice some lemons and massage the liquid onto your skin, in a circular motion. Then, wash the area with warm water after massaging. Mixing some cucumber juice can also be used for additional healing properties.

8. Egg Whites

Pamper yourself and give your skin that smoother and fairer appeal with the help of egg whites. You can use this in minimizing the appearance of marks that ruin the look of your skin. In fact, the healing property of egg whites comes from the sufficient amounts of amino acids and proteins that repair skin cells efficiently.

To prepare the mixture, place whites from two eggs in a bowl, then whip well. Apply a layer of this mixture on the skin either with a brush or by using your fingers. Allow the mixture to dry completely for at least 10 minutes. Then, rinse egg whites off your skin using lukewarm water. Follow on with olive oil to moisturize the area. You may use this technique daily for optimum results.

9. Cocoa Butter

An exceptional moisturizer, cocoa butter is renowned for its anti-aging properties while promoting circulation and reducing stretch marks. Just take a tablespoon of cocoa butter and massage on the affected portion gently. Do this technique twice a day for at least two months until you notice an improvement on your skin.

Important Considerations

Although these are all natural remedies, you should realize that there are some instances when skin irritation may occur, particularly when you fail to follow the right amount of ingredients in preparing the mixture. So, it is best to follow the instructions carefully and avoid overdoing the application of these natural remedies to avoid further problems on your skin.

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  1. I’ve had a lot of success with olive oil and cocoa butter. With my second child I did drink a lot of water and noticed that I didn’t have as many stretch marks with her. So staying hydrated is a great tip! It’s just good for you anyway stretch marks or not.

  2. can i use egg white with shea butter

  3. Janja Savic

    I have been using dermelastic Serum for a few days and I have noticed a difference in the look of my stretch marks they appear to be getting lighter I use it twice a day

  4. Hi I have had very deep streatch marks after my forth pregnacy. There is also a few more remedies that hasn’t been mention that works a wonder. When I had my second baby I was 16. I found out that there are little organisms in ecto plasum. Since I found this out I now drink half a tea cup of my boyfriends juices excuse my words. It’s also good for the skin and teeth. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

    • You had your 2nd baby at only 16 years old?! Where were your parents???

    • My stretch marks are genetic which I got at the age of 14-15, they are on my shoulders, thighs and waist and I m really annoyed by it… have to choose dresses which can hide them!! Please give some way out of it. Right now I m in my early twenties and have used Aloe Vera with no affect.

    • It iz only God dat wil help us teenagers,i hope dat cocoa butter works 4 me

    • Why does it matter ? Its her life not anyone elses. Get off her case. This is just ridiculous. Grow up.

    • Zezethu ndwandwa

      Who are you to judge, God? It’s her life grow up and learn to mind your business like you’re perfect

    • You had your second baby at 16!!!

      What da eff
      The person impregnating does not have conscience.

    • Luiza Tainara

      Thats actually rude, im 15 and have got a beautiful daughter that has just turned 1 month. What is with people these days honestly if they wanna have a baby at whatever age is not your business so theres no need to judge.
      My mum was around while i gor pregnant she wasnt happy but it happend so there was nothing she could do!

    • wait… so nobody notice she said she drink a half of tea cup of her boyfriend juices??

      • So funny…

      • Lol I thought I was the only one who notice that smh. Everyone is just so focus on her having her second child at 16

  5. Due to my height I to have extreamlly embarrasing streatch marks to. The comment left by Daniela sounds disgusting & daunting. But believe me it works. My GP mentioned this to me. I don’t know about drinking it. I do how ever use ecto cream. Which really helps when I rub the cream into my streatch marks.

  6. George Deborah

    Pls the stretch mark are making me to fell bad bcus my boyfriend don’t want me bcus of it pls help.

  7. MattWilliams

    I am 35 year old husband and I feel bad about my wife pregnancy stretch marks. I should do something to help her to make beautiful belly lady without stretch marks. I asked her to do lot of exercises to reduce her stretch marks, but it’s not worked. Finally I saw one article about Dermelastic serum and that intend my wife should try with this product. My wife told nothing happen in few days and she is fighting with me but she continued the usage. But after 3 weeks, we both happy with final result she got. You should give it a try!

    • Concerned Lady

      Your wife deserves a man who loves her and her body regardless of stretch marks. Nut up and tell her she is beautiful. Like she DESERVES. You’re lucky she isn’t divorcing you for being such a jerk.

      • He was trying to make his wife feel better about herself, he didn’t seem to be judging her. I think she was sad about the marks and he was just trying to help her

  8. lilykylie1988

    I used olive oil for my stretch marks… but its not worked out… then my mom said like olive oil should be apply when i was pregnant on that time of skin expansion. After that i used dermalmd to eliminate my stretch marks from my stomach and thighs.

    • I use bio oil it really good it my 3 pregnancy now and I not have stress Merck as I never leve my body to dry all time after shower I use bio oil and is really good result..

  9. when you use the lemon juice remedy how long do you repeat this process

  10. Miculescu Daria

    I have developed really bad stretch marks from m pregnancy and my whole belly has turned dark. I started using dermelastic Serum a month back and have seen good progress so far. My stretch marks around my naval area seem to have lightened a bit. I will continue to use this product.

  11. i tried and tried and tried and it still didn’t work

  12. Hey I’m 16 years old and I got these stretch marks when I was 14 as I lost a lot of weight during that time, on my thighs, back and shoulders what can I do to make my skin better it looks bad coz I can’t even wear sleeveless or short tops coz of my back and shoulder showing off my stretch marks.

  13. So when I was 12 I noticed my inner thigh strech marks I was 98 lbs when I hit high school I was 120 and my marks seemed to dissapear but now that I am 25 and have gained more weight (170lbs) they are back and they are abrased not indented .its like they are on top of my skin to explain this ? What can I do ?

  14. I ve stretchmarks on my thighs, buttocks n stomach. Ve tried lemon n it has bn useful mainly on my stomach bt the two areas s stil givin mi displeasure…i hate stretchmarks. Plz any other recommedations wil b highly appreciated

  15. I’m a teenager and as a result of growth spurts and weight gain and lose I have multiple stretch marks around my hips and I have grown really couscous about them I have been using bio oil twice a day and have seen a bit of an improvement but how can I get them to completed go!

  16. Has any one used Bio-Oil for stretch marks treatments? i am starting to have some stretch marks as my thighs are getting little filled up … worried a little about getting severe marks…

    • Don’t even waste your time and money on Bio Oil, it’s just a load of hog wash. I used it from day one of my pregnancy till the end but I still got stretch marks.

    • Bio oil does not work.. I used it for quite a while and I actually think it made them appear worse. Please do not use that product.

  17. am 20 now my stretch mark had been on lap since wen I was 12 and have try different method DAT is not helping.I don’t like d way I dress all because of Dis stretch mark.wit DAT I don’t go out wit my friend to d beach. need an help.

    • Same here, can you please tell from where I can get dermelastic serum or cream

      • Hey Annanya.

        I did some research on this dermelastic stuff and found it on Amazon for about $25 plus around 5 for shipping. Never tried it myself but from what I’ve been hearing about it, I’m willing to give it a shot. If I do, I’ll definitely post results for you and everyone else struggling with these dreaded tiger stripes! πŸ™‚

  18. Im 17 and i have stretch marks on the side of my buttocks. I dont know if they’ll go away or if i should use a cream to get rid of them. Can anyone help me??

  19. Try bio oil with olive oil. Or just bio oil will do.

  20. i have stretch marks on my boobs because this summer i went up two sizes (im 15), and I want to use cocoa butter. Did that work for anybody?

  21. I got strech marks over the summer on my thighs and boobs. I was 100lbs and gained 24 in 3 months. My marks are dark purple! What can i use that will help them fade?

  22. Lol I’m just fat.

  23. I’ve tried cocoa butter lotion and even bio oil and Palmers but it has still not worked so this Dermalastic serum where can I get it coz I miss wearing short things without having to wear stockings with them( desperate teenager)

  24. I’ve been using Gly Derm since I saw it on TV a few months ago. I didn’t see results until probably two months ago. You really just have to be patient when using it. I used it for four months and it’s honestly the best stretch mark remedy I’ve tried so far. My stretch marks are still there but it looks so much better now that it did before I started using the cream. Highly recommend it!

  25. These remedies really does help

  26. I’m younger than 20, and I have stretch marks on my arms, thighs, ankles, breasts, and belly. I have a lot. I have more on my left arm, which hurts a lot everyday. Can someone please tell me how to remove it? I can’t take this pain anymore. I’d rather have a new arm like my left arm but without stretch marks, than to deal with the pain everyday. Will cocoa butter work? I have it, but I rarely use it.

  27. I lost some weight recently and was shocked to find small stretch marks on my upper arms and neck. Didn’t expect that to happen – I was really uncomfortable, and stopped going sleeveless. My cousin handed me a jar of the Somaluxe Stretch Mark Treatment after getting tired of my complaints, and it really helps. I put it on at night after my shower, I think warm skin helps absorb better. Don’t look for immediate results, it takes 2-3 weeks before you notice a change with the Somaluxe Stretch Mark Treatment – but it does work. I feel like now people see the weight loss and not the marks on my arms and neck.

    A co-worker told me that she uses this as a moisturizer, so I tried it on my face and body.

  28. Dn’t waste ur money on bio-oil that is shit i tried it many times but no changes

  29. I have stretch marks on my boobs nd thighs nd I used share butter bt it worked only fr my boobs I still need to get the once on my thighs of am 19

  30. hey my mom has stretch marks she use mango juice on her body and its all better she used it for 2 months

  31. Please I have stretch marks on my waist, laps and arm, please how can get rid of it, I hate it cos it makes me feel bad whenever am with my friends

  32. It all depends on one’s body chemistry, wht doesn’t wrk 4 u could wrk 4 another. Shea butter works 4 me, but I can assure u no remedy wl remove strech marks completly frm ur body. It can only minimize & discolor them.

  33. I feel it’s important to share that they are cause by a zinc deficiency! Not many people know this, as zinc helps build collegen and also is needed a lot to build a healthy baby.. So many mums get them as they are deficient.. I got them as a teenager and I wish it was more well know that it could be as easy as supplementing with zinc… I would put that on my website if I had one dedicated. It Could help many women πŸ™‚

  34. pls wher cn i get dis dermaelastic serum i reali do need it…..

  35. I’ve used Spirit (just the normal) its really working for me, wish I cud send before and after pics. I lotion using it, not mixed with anything then I use Coacoa butter for a good smell. I couldn’t wear skirts before and I’m happy I just have to fight the few remaining. It works and I know soon I’ll have a new testimony. Don’t forget WATER WATER WATER and Exercise. Those are 2 excellent boosters to the whole process. Just SPIRIT! πŸ™‚

    • i mix my cocoa butter lotion with spirit and tissue oil…my marks aint too visible anymore till you are too close. I am comfortable in bikini…i was fat and decided to loose weight.

  36. all you kids saying its rude to talk about you having kids …absolutely ridiculous getting dick at 15 and getting pregnant is pathetic and absolutely wrong 100% council estate shlaggs like shameless

  37. So I’ve looked up a ton of remedies and different comments that don’t seem to help. I’ve had two children and have stretch marks all over my belly and hips. So I made my own concoction. It is working very well and it was with a few things around the house. Kinda wired but it does work!! I started to see results within a few days…
    I mix 2 tbs of coconut oil, 1 tbs of aloe vera gel, 1 tsp of epsome salt, 1 tsp of sugar, a little bit of curel lotion, and I have a scar jel (dr.sheffields) just a squirt. I mixed it all up and let it sit so the salt and sugar melt in it. I rub it all over my stretch marks and then wrap plastic wrap around it, let it sit for an hour and wash it off when I’m done. It has worked SO well!!
    Hope this helps. Hope others get good results.
    Good luck ladies!

  38. Elizabeth Mary

    I am mother two kids and I feel uncomfortable with my pregnancy stretch marks. I tried lot of creams for improve my stretch marks. Not happy with the results. Suddenly I met one of my college friend and we discussed this stretch mark issue. She already used Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream and recovered her stretchmarks. So I bought Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream via online and started using this. Initially few days I am not happy with the result. I thought its waste of money. But I continued the usage of this product and after few weeks I can see the improvement. Feeling excited. Lol.

  39. before marriage i’ve stretch marks… what i do???

  40. yawng_davidy

    i used aloe Vera and i can see some changes…………………..


  42. Mhz-sunny

    Just hope some of it will work for me

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