Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams

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With so many options on the market, searching for the best stretch mark cream can be overwhelming. Ingredients, cost, and intended uses should all be considered when choosing which cream to purchase. We’ve narrowed down the options, based on unique ingredients, a variety of price ranges, and overall customer ratings.

Trilastin stretch mark cream


Skinception stretch mark cream


Revitol stretch mark cream


Dermology stretch mark cream


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1. TriLastin-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream

Trilastin stretch mark creamWhen it comes to trusted stretch mark solutions, TriLastin tops the list. TriLastin-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream is a new product that improves on the formula of the company’s original product. The original formula gained popularity very quickly after being endorsed by supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks. After the glowing review, many were trying out the product and finding great success with lightening and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The revamped product brings a unique new formula that targets the top layer of skin for a visible difference in a short amount of time, while also working deep down to eliminate the source of the problem and prevent re-occurrence.


Unique ingredients make up the cream to treat surface level and deep down signs of stretch marks.

  • eight essential amino acids work to help the body produce proteins to encourage collagen growth
  • soy is a less common ingredient, but does wonders for preventing future marks from forming
  • vitamin E leaves you with healthy, glowing skin after using the product regularly

Results after using TriLastin-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream are impressive due to the degree to which stretch marks are faded and the speed at which users see results. Many users start seeing visible results in as little as three weeks. While many products are more effective for particular skin types and colors, TriLastin-SR is equally effective for all skin colors and types. The product is also set apart by the fact that it can make a significant difference in the appearance of old stretch marks, as well as new ones. Old ones are often more difficult to deal with, as they become deeper and form a darker color over time. However, the formula of the TriLastin-SR cream tackles the problem and creates a more even skin tone.


When it comes to drawbacks of using TriLastin-SR cream, there aren’t many. The product has one of the best formulas on the market and receives glowing reviews from customers with a wide variety of skin types, scarring issues, and severity of stretch marks. However, it should be noted that not every user will find the incredible results that those like Tyra Banks claim. Some have mentioned that they didn’t see results quickly, but noticed significant improvement over time. The process for using the cream is slightly more complicated, suggesting two steps. The company recommends using their Hydro Thermal Accelerator before using this cream, to find the best results in the shortest period of time. They also advise using the lotion two to three times each day, which can be an involved process for those who don’t want to spend a good deal of time each day on the process.


One final potential issue with TriLastin-SR is the cost. At $79 for a 5.5 ounce tube of product, the cost of this stretch mark cream is significantly higher than the others listed in this review. However, the product has also received more positive reviews. Also, when purchasing the 5.5 ounce tube, you’ll receive the Hydro Thermal Accelerator as well, for a limited time.

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2. Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

skinception stretch mark therapySkinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy claims that you’ll see results in as little as two months. For those who try to get rid of stretch marks, that sounds like amazing news. The company behind the product, Leading Edge Health, is known for making quality products that offer superior results by healing and repairing the skin. Whatever the reason behind your stretch marks, the makers of Skinception assure that the formula will work for you. The fast results, promising a noticeable difference in just a couple of weeks and a completely rejuvenated appearance in two months, are what set this product apart from other options on the market.


There are four main active ingredients in Skinception that lead to reduction of stretch marks.

  • Regestril reduces the depth of stretch mark, making it less noticeable
  • Darutoside reduces their length in just a few weeks
  • Pro-Sveltyl promotes the production of collagen to get skin back to a healthy appearance
  • Pro-Coll-One+ smooths the surface of the skin

Those who are already familiar with Leading Edge Health and their lines of skin care products know that they promise results and deliver on their promised. The company combines ingredients and creates formulas that work with the body to promote heathy, glowing skin. Skinception stretch mark cream is no exception to the excellent products from the company. Working to promote collagen and elastin production in the body, the cream helps to bring skin back to its healthiest form. Within just a few weeks, you’ll notice a significant difference in the length, depth, and color of your marks on thighs and tummy. As an added bonus, you’ll notice softer skin as the cream moisturizes while eliminating stretch marks.


Currently, this cream is only available online, from the company website and on Amazon. While this limits the convenience of the picking up a product from the drugstore, Leading Edge Health is working to make the buying process simple for customers, with an easy to use order form, frequent promotional deals, and a money back guarantee.


You can purchase your first month’s supply of this product for as little as $33. The company offers a full money back guarantee if you try the product and don’t get the results you want to see, within ninety days of purchase.

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3. Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

revitol stretch mark creamThe makers of Revitol promise that the product will help to prevent stretch marks from forming and reduce the appearance of existing marks. While this product is specifically marketed to be used during pregnancy, it is also recommended to anyone dealing with the unsightly marks. What sets this product apart from the rest? Revitol attributes its success to the mix of powerful ingredients that work with the body to promote collagen production. This increase in the body’s production of collagen, combined with ingredients that work to fade the appearance of existing stretch marks, causes them to appear less intense until the marks are barely noticeable.


We love that each of the ingredients in Revitol Stretch Mark Cream are natural. The following are a few of the ingredients:

  • vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract for strengthening collagen
  • vitamin D3 for promoting dermal cell production
  • aloe vera oil for fading stretch marks, making them less noticeable

When it comes to customer reviews, you’ll find that many of the individuals using the cream are new mothers. Word has spread among new mothers that the formula of Revitol does wonders for post pregnancy stretch marks. For those who are pregnant, the all natural ingredients can’t be beaten. However, the cream isn’t just for those dealing with this issue as a result of pregnancy. Those who have had marks for years and those who have marks as a result of weight loss have also had success. Users love the lack of harsh chemicals in the product, as well as the ease of use. The product has proven to be both safe and effective.


It should be noted that Revitol will not completely erase marks on the body. While the ingredients will help to significantly lighten the areas, the marks will still exist. In order for the product to work, it should be used regularly. Skipping a day or skimping on product when applying could hinder the product’s ability to lighten your marks. Pay close attention to the directions given on the packaging to enjoy all of the benefits offered by the cream. Also note that, while the product uses all natural ingredients, the proportions and exact ingredients are not disclosed. Those with allergies and other issues may find that they have a reaction to the mix of ingredients.


Those who are interested in trying Revitol cream can order online. Pricing starts at $39.99 for a 30 day supply. If you find that the product isn’t working for you, the company offers a full refund within ninety days of purchase. They will refund your money if you find that you aren’t satisfied with the product for any reason.

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4. Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

dermology stretch mark creamStretch marks are very real and very annoying concern for many individuals, both women and men. The marks are most common after pregnancy or losing a large amount of weight. Having the deep, dark marks on the body can be a serious cause of insecurity and body issues. Once the marks are formed on the body, eliminating them completely isn’t easy. However, products like Dermology seek to treat the stretched skin in a way that lessens the likelihood of forming the stretch marks in the first place. This particular cream focuses on improving the elasticity of the skin, allowing it to bounce back from stretching more easily and maintain its healthy appearance.


Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention uses natural ingredients to work with the skin.

  • vitamin A is well known in beauty products for reducing the appearance of fine lines
  • aloe vera rejuvenates and heals the skin, leaving it healthy to defend against future issues
  • vitamin E is a very common ingredient in skin care, as it reduces skin damage and effectively softens the skin
  • squalene oil mimics the sebum in skin, which softens and protects against future damage

As any medical professional will tell you, preventing is easier than curing. By preparing your body for the incidents that can cause stretch marks before they happen, your skin will be ready for the potential damage and ready to bounce back quickly. Because Dermology cream simply softens the skin and encourages elasticity, this product is recommended to anyone who is interested in having healthier elastic skin, not just those individuals who suffer from stretch marks on the body. In fact, everyone can benefit from the ingredients in the cream and will notice benefits like firmer skin with fewer marks and blemishes. Many women recommend this product to be used from the early stages of pregnancy, to help reduce the likelihood of future stretch marks.


There is, of course, one major drawback to this product. While the other products we’ve reviewed pull double duty, preventing future stretch marks and greatly reducing the appearance of current marks, this cream is much less effective when dealing with existing marks. Those who use the product may notice some fading, but those results are not guaranteed and shouldn’t be expected. For its intended purpose of prevention, the cream is a winner.


To order the product, visit the Dermology website. Note that the price varies, based on the amount of cream you purchase. If you have friends who are also interested in giving this a try, you can save money by placing a larger order. As with other products, there is a money back guarantee if you find that you aren’t satisfied with your results.

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Choosing Your Stretch Mark Cream

In the end, choosing the right stretch mark cream should be based on your personal needs and budget. Each of the four products we reviewed have their own unique formulas, benefits, and drawbacks. Try the product that stands out to you, and enjoy the benefits of a cream that will help you overcome this skin issue for good.

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