Tips to Make Your Body More Alkaline

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For a human body, the pH value determines the dissolved acids in your body. The pH is a short-hand representation for “hydrogen potential” and it determines the hydrogen ions in the body. On a pH scale, any number above 7 … Continued

How to Get Bigger Lips Naturally

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When it comes to things we would like to change about our natural appearance, a common desire is to have fuller, plumper lips. The thing is, cosmetic surgery and botox injections aren’t the best things to put our bodies through. … Continued

How to Make Your Own Antiperspirant at Home

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In an increasingly contaminated world, more and more people are ditching off-the-shelf deodorants packed with unsavory ingredients, and replacing them with more natural and green alternatives. It’s actually incredibly easy to learn how to make your own antiperspirant at home, … Continued

How to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

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Seeing celebrities who have the perfect eyelashes to envy on TV, makes you ask, “how to grow longer eyelashes just like theirs?” It seems like they got these eyelashes naturally or they have already been born with it. Eyelashes do … Continued